Marshmallows… Pt. 2

I told you yesterday about my adventure in making marshmallows.

Well… yesterday was also a big storm day for our area. Granted, it was nothing like the nor’easters I’m used to up in New England, but conditions were rough, driving was bad, visibility worse and the office building I worked in even closed early to allow people enough time to get home before even worse weather hit.

My kitty, watching the snow falling!

My kitty, watching the snow falling!

So by the time I got home after my almost hour and a half commute (on the last bus, mind you, before they shut off service for the afternoon! Lucky me!) I was ready to get warm and curl up under a big blanket on the couch. But then I had a better idea.

Hot Cocoa! … and what goes well with hot cocoa?


Home made marshmallows of course!


It was absolutely the best way to spend a snow day!

I was a touch worried at first on how these homemade marshmallows would behave in a hot liquid, but I couldn’t have been more pleased. They melted slowly adding a sweet note to the bitter chocolate with every sip and left one little silky bite at the end of the cup that was the hallmark of an absolutely perfect marshmallow-y cup of chocolate…. and an absolutely perfect treat for a snow day!


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