Shipping up to Boston!

Tonight, I will be taking the late flight out of DC to spend the weekend in Boston with friends and family.  Now, of course you can’t visit someone without bringing a thank you gift for letting them stay the night right? (Yes, I know I’m staying with family, but still! Any excuse to make meringues!) So I decided to make a little assortment for my father and his girlfriend.

First, some light and fluffy Chocolate Chip Clouds.

P1020789These easy to whip up meringues are flavored with cocoa powder and vanilla with chocolate chips folded in. They are soft and chewy and unlike the crunchy stiff meringues I am used to making but they are so easy to make and so good I just couldn’t help myself.

But then I also wanted to show off how far along my ‘classic’ meringue kisses have advanced. My father was there when I first started the meringue train and would always poke fun at the massive amounts of little cookies. But now, with a deeper color, richer taste, I just had to bring some more up and try to change his mind; try to convince him that they are as wonderful as I believe them to be!


I decided to make Raspberry (from my new emulsion) and Coconut (My personal favorite).

Blue Coconut

Blue Coconut

Red Raspberry (With gluten-free white raspberry poking its head in there!)

Red Raspberry
(With gluten-free white raspberry poking its head in there!)

I can only hope that they will go over with half as much enjoyment as I had in making them!


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