Christmas Meringues! Everyone gets some!

I can hardly believe that it has been about a month since Christmas! Already it feels like this year is just flying by! But now that the holiday season is well and truly over, I can share with you my great undertaking of the Christmas Season 2013.


I made a list (and checked it twice) and decided that there were a lot of people I wanted to send Christmas wishes to. But sending just a card seemed so impersonal. I decided everyone should get some cookies for Christmas (and we all know what my favorite type of cookie to make is!)

The shipping aspect of the en devour got me a bit worried (who knows how bounced around packages get in the back of a postal truck) so I went to the Container Store (any excuse right?!) to see what ‘solutions’ I could find. I found these babies!

Click the image above to visit the product page.

Click the image above to visit the product page.

I got the red ones (unfortunately the seasonal snowman ones were sold out!), and they worked marvelously. I could fit about 18-24 meringue kisses in each container and I sealed them in a freezer zip lock bag for freshness (Yes, they were the seasonal ones with snowmen! yay!).

It took two days to make all the required meringues.


I did four different flavors and colors. Red, green, blue and white were raspberry, strawberry, vanilla and coconut respectively. I neglected to take pictures of the other colors as I got on a roll and was running close to the shipping deadline.


They were so much fun to make, package and ship; I felt like I was giving myself a gift as much as I was giving to other people. Truly, isn’t that the meaning of Christmas? To enjoy giving more than receiving?

I hope everyone had a truly splendid holiday season!


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