Happy Super Bowl XLVIII Day!

Those who know me will not be surprised to hear me say… I’m not a big sports fan.

Especially when it comes to football. I never really understood all the rules, all the starting and stopping, the score keeping and statistics. But I have been attempting to give it the ol’ college try… I’ll watch a game or two here and there and I find it isn’t the worst thing on television. I’m actually looking forward to the big game and all the excitement!

So today is the Super Bowl. Yes, it will be on the television here, and while I can’t promise I will be spending more time watching the game than the commercials… I have decided to commemorate the day.


With Football Shaped Meringues!


Happy Super Bowl Day all! No matter who you are rooting for, the Seahawks or the Broncos (Yeah, I had to look that up!), I hope you all have fun!


Christmas Chocolate Truffle Balls

Okay, I swear, it isn’t as crude as it sounds!

You may have seen my last post on the Candy Cane Chocolate Truffle Meringues. So you may have noticed those tiny dollops of creamy chocolate piped into the center of them. I will admit, I ate a little of it just off the spoon it was so good; but very rich. Naturally when I finished piping the truffle mixture onto all of my Candy Cane Meringues and found I still had half of a large mixing bowl left full of chocolate, I knew I had to find something to do with it.


Sure, I could keep eating it off the spoon…just stealing a bite out of the fridge every now and again like my grandmother was so known for doing. But what if I could do something prettier. Something easier to share, nicer to present.

I present, the Chocolate truffle Christmas balls. I scooped out individual portions and rolled them round. This is definitely your job if you have cold hands like I do! You want to work quick to make as little mess as possible. Once you have all your balls (that’s it, I’m calling them spheres from now on!) rolled, you can start rolling them in sprinkles. Lots and Lots of Sprinkles. This takes away the stickiness, makes them pretty and easy to store and helps them keep their shape.


Luckily, we had these beautiful Christmas sprinkles, just perfect for the job! But I ran out of then just short of the finish line. I wasn’t expecting to be able to make so many of these, but I will say, they are great for grabbing when you need that after work sweet fix… just not every day!!

oops! Ran out of Christmas Sprinkles! Bring in the Chocolate back ups!

oops! Ran out of Christmas Sprinkles! Bring in the Chocolate back ups!

Candy Cane Chocolate Truffle Meringues

Oh yes, they really are just as delicious as they sound! As I just looked into the pantry and discovered I still have a whole box of candy canes left over from this experiment (and contemplated what else I would need to make some more), but then I thought it would be a better idea to share some more Christmas memories first!

One of the things I love most about working now is that I get to talk to and meet so many different people and share time and ideas with them. Now, not having to work Christmas Eve I decided I would make something yummy to bring into work on the 23rd of December to share with everyone. I wanted to find something that was pretty that everyone could eat. I found this recipe for Candy Cane Chocolate Truffle Meringues. Suitably holiday-ish and beautiful. I had to try them!



They came out better than I ever could have thought!

*If I can give one big tip though, if you are going to try this recipe go right to the blender to crush the candy canes! I tried crushing them with the bottom of a cup and processing in a food processor. Nothing worked as well as the blender!*

Unfortunately, there were not many people at work on the 23rd. Only me and my supervisor in our department and the neighboring departments were practically barren as well! Only 4 of my two dozen meringues were eaten. I was slightly disappointed… but my live-in meringue tester assured me that he was just as happy to have yummy meringues to munch on all holiday vacation!



Christmas Meringues! Everyone gets some!

I can hardly believe that it has been about a month since Christmas! Already it feels like this year is just flying by! But now that the holiday season is well and truly over, I can share with you my great undertaking of the Christmas Season 2013.


I made a list (and checked it twice) and decided that there were a lot of people I wanted to send Christmas wishes to. But sending just a card seemed so impersonal. I decided everyone should get some cookies for Christmas (and we all know what my favorite type of cookie to make is!)

The shipping aspect of the en devour got me a bit worried (who knows how bounced around packages get in the back of a postal truck) so I went to the Container Store (any excuse right?!) to see what ‘solutions’ I could find. I found these babies!

Click the image above to visit the product page.

Click the image above to visit the product page.

I got the red ones (unfortunately the seasonal snowman ones were sold out!), and they worked marvelously. I could fit about 18-24 meringue kisses in each container and I sealed them in a freezer zip lock bag for freshness (Yes, they were the seasonal ones with snowmen! yay!).

It took two days to make all the required meringues.


I did four different flavors and colors. Red, green, blue and white were raspberry, strawberry, vanilla and coconut respectively. I neglected to take pictures of the other colors as I got on a roll and was running close to the shipping deadline.


They were so much fun to make, package and ship; I felt like I was giving myself a gift as much as I was giving to other people. Truly, isn’t that the meaning of Christmas? To enjoy giving more than receiving?

I hope everyone had a truly splendid holiday season!

Shipping up to Boston!

Tonight, I will be taking the late flight out of DC to spend the weekend in Boston with friends and family.  Now, of course you can’t visit someone without bringing a thank you gift for letting them stay the night right? (Yes, I know I’m staying with family, but still! Any excuse to make meringues!) So I decided to make a little assortment for my father and his girlfriend.

First, some light and fluffy Chocolate Chip Clouds.

P1020789These easy to whip up meringues are flavored with cocoa powder and vanilla with chocolate chips folded in. They are soft and chewy and unlike the crunchy stiff meringues I am used to making but they are so easy to make and so good I just couldn’t help myself.

But then I also wanted to show off how far along my ‘classic’ meringue kisses have advanced. My father was there when I first started the meringue train and would always poke fun at the massive amounts of little cookies. But now, with a deeper color, richer taste, I just had to bring some more up and try to change his mind; try to convince him that they are as wonderful as I believe them to be!


I decided to make Raspberry (from my new emulsion) and Coconut (My personal favorite).

Blue Coconut

Blue Coconut

Red Raspberry (With gluten-free white raspberry poking its head in there!)

Red Raspberry
(With gluten-free white raspberry poking its head in there!)

I can only hope that they will go over with half as much enjoyment as I had in making them!

Throw Back Thursday: The best Mousse you will ever eat!

Mousse is lovely. When you make it right, it is light and fluffy and oh so chocolaty. It is worth the effort to get this chocolate fix. But when you can make a mousse that is simple and lovely, how can you go wrong?

MousseA couple of months ago I was skimming though one of my favorite websites (Pinterest, please don’t judge!), looking for ideas for Christmas presents when I came across this recipe. I had to throw everything down and give it a whirl. Everything required I had on hand, and it comes together in a snap. I was expecting to have to slave away for hours to get this result, but to my great surprise, this recipe took about 20 minutes and yielded four little tureens (okay, maybe not so little, the recipe claims 6 servings, but these were the containers I had!).


Definitely give this delicious mousse recipe a try the next time you are looking for a chocolatey treat…you won’t be sorry!

Marshmallows… Pt. 2

I told you yesterday about my adventure in making marshmallows.

Well… yesterday was also a big storm day for our area. Granted, it was nothing like the nor’easters I’m used to up in New England, but conditions were rough, driving was bad, visibility worse and the office building I worked in even closed early to allow people enough time to get home before even worse weather hit.

My kitty, watching the snow falling!

My kitty, watching the snow falling!

So by the time I got home after my almost hour and a half commute (on the last bus, mind you, before they shut off service for the afternoon! Lucky me!) I was ready to get warm and curl up under a big blanket on the couch. But then I had a better idea.

Hot Cocoa! … and what goes well with hot cocoa?


Home made marshmallows of course!


It was absolutely the best way to spend a snow day!

I was a touch worried at first on how these homemade marshmallows would behave in a hot liquid, but I couldn’t have been more pleased. They melted slowly adding a sweet note to the bitter chocolate with every sip and left one little silky bite at the end of the cup that was the hallmark of an absolutely perfect marshmallow-y cup of chocolate…. and an absolutely perfect treat for a snow day!